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Apollo, as it stands today, is the realization of the dreams of its dynamic Chairman Padmavibhusan  Dr. Prathap. C. Reddy. who established the first corporate hospital in India in the year 1983. What began as a dream to provide medical excellence to the millions of Indians who perished simply because essential medical care was not available in India, turned out to be a saga of success

The tiny seed that was sown 30 years ago has grown into mammoth proportions and Apollo has spread its wings not only to the other states of the country, but also to the world across the seas. Today Apollo Hospitals group comprises of network of over 50 hospitals with 10,000 licensed beds and over 50,000 employees making it the single largest health care provider in Asia.

What makes Apollo outstanding in all its endeavours is the personalized care that is given to the patients. The nurses are the pride of Apollo and their motto 'Service with a smile' is meticulously translated into action while serving the sick. An Apollo nurse is not merely a caregiver, , but a computer savvy, confident and highly resourceful person who can deftly handle the 'state-of-the-art' equipment in the hospital.

Endowed with the unique qualities of love, courage and mercy which are the hallmark of the nurse, an Apollo Nurse is much in demand in today's modern health care system

The Apollo hospitals group has achieved the unique distinction of achieving accreditation for four of its hospitals at Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ludhiana, Bangalore in quick succession. Indraprastha Apollo hospitals Delhi became the first hospital in India, while Apollo Hospitals Chennai became the first hospital in South India to achieve this unique and coveted accreditation

APOLLO TELEMEDICINE network foundations was commended for its primary efforts to introduce telemedicine to the RURAL POPULATION, by the former US President Mr. Bill Clintton after he viewed a live Tele consultation at Cll conference in Hyderabad.

Apollo's achievements are so many that listing them all would be a Herculean task.

The Mission

“Our Mission is to bring health care of International standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity”.

Our Motto

SERVICE WITH A SMILE Our Motto is to provide modern communication with updated infrastructure, safeguarding the utility services, minimizing the faults, to provide global link being an international Hospital caring for people of all nations and to satisfy our internal and external customers always

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals, pioneer in the health care industry, First Super Speciality Hospital established at Chennai in 1983, was the first corporate Hospital in India. Apollo has established several land marks in the fields of medicine and surgery. This has been mainly because of it's excellent professional skills drawn from India and Abroad and also due to the strong support services that has been able to develop, of which Nursing is one of its forte.

The Apollo Hospitals has been conferred the ISO and functions in adherence to the high standards set by the ISO. Apollo Hospitals Chennai and New Delhi were the first hospitals to be awarded CRISIL rating "A" the highest grade for quality standards. Currently Apollo Hospitals group achieves the unique distinction of international recognition through Joint Commission International (JCI) for its hospitals at Chennai and Delhi

Vision : " To Make India as a Health Care Leader"

Our Mission is to bring health care of International standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

Apollo Nursing Education

Nursing skills acquired by the nurses from Apollo Hospitals  have been in great demand both in India and Abroad. Consequent to which, several of them have been recruited time to time to many hospitals in the Gulf countries, United states and other neighboring countries. Apollo’s training has been framed with a view to equipping the nurses to independently handle any emergency situation.

It was therefore Apollo’s long – felt desire to start a School of Nursing with a Diploma course, and a College  of Nursing  with a degree course, so that the wide gap in Nursing strength prevailing in the country compared to the demand across India, will no more pose problems. Besides recruitment for Apollo hospitals coming up in various metropolitan centres, nurses qualifying from Apollo School of Nursing  and College of Nursing  will find themselves well – equipped to apply to other multi – speciality hospitals.

Apollo Hospitals Educational Trust (AHET)

Apollo Hospitals group achieved the unique distinction of international recognition through joint commission International (JCI) for its hospitals at Chennai and Delhi . Apollo Hospitals, First corporate super specialty with ISO  have established several landmarks in the Health care Industry and offering quality medical service.

The onus being on holistic preparation of nurses the Apollo Hospitals Educational Trust (AHET) was established in the year 1996,with the twin objective of education and manpower development. The AHET is headed by our enterprising chairman Padmavibhusan Dr. Prathap C.Reddy, our dynamic Managing Director Mrs.Preetha Reddy, and versatile Chief Executive Officer Mr. V. Satyanarayana Reddy. Apollo Hospitals Educational trust is created by the Apollo Hospitals to promote medical and paramedical education, to establish educational institutions, to develop research facilities and to run Health clinics and Hospitals.

Apollo School Of Nursing

Apollo  School  of  Nursing was established in the year 1992 which is approved by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu by its G.O. No. 817 dated 17-07-’1992  recognised by the Govt of Tamil nadu and Indian Nursing Council and now the School is unit of Apollo Hospitals Educational Trust.

Profile of the Principal






Principal, Apollo School of Nursing

Date of Birth


01st July 1947



Vanagaram to Ambattur Main Road, Ayanambakkam, Chennai-600095.

Teaching Number


(Off.) 044 – 2653 3429



(Fax) 044 – 2653 4386



(Mob. )91766 62986





35 Years


Students, after completion of the course are absorbed as full fledged Staff Nurses in the Chain of Apollo Hospitals on regular basis with salary as per the institutional scale


100% results right  from inception.

State  Ranks every year successfully for the past 19yrs.

Secured National awards for distinguished services in the field of Health and Education.

Overall Aim

The aim is to prepare a general nurse to function as a member of the Health Care Team, bringing competency to the hospital and the community. The programme is geared to serve the health needs of the country, the community and the individual and it will serve as a basis for advanced study and specialization in Nursing. The Programme also assist the nurses in their personal and professional development.

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